Mein Geburtstag und andere lustige Abenteuer


This last week was uplifting, enjoyable and exciting. Haha I celebrated my birthday 2 separate times on 19. and 20.3.14. On 19.3.14, we went over to Elizabeth’s apartment and she had prepared lots of fish foods for my birthday that she had brought back with her from the Carribean on her trip to the Dominican Republic. She then surprised me with a few small gifts and a delicious birthday cake. I uploaded the pictures for you to see in dropbox. Elizabeth pulled the cake out of the fridge and comes walking around the corner with giant fireworks stuck into the cake instead of candles. She began lighting them and to her surprise, they were a lot bigger than she had expected and the sparks began flying at her face. Hahaha she freaked out and within 2 seconds the fire alarm began to go off from the smoke coming from these large firework sticks jammed into the cake. She then brought the cake into the hall off the apartment building that she lives at and told me to come hold the cake while the fireworks were going off so everyone could sing happy birthday to me. Haha I also uploaded the video to dropbox of me holding the cake as it’s going off. Enjoy!
We then celebrated at the bishop’s house on the next day after we came over and did some service in their garden. As for my actual birthday throughout that day, we were still able to teach several lessons and meet with new investigators. There’s nothing that can make a birthday better than knowing that I was still priveleged to be serving the Lord, even though I was able to have many fun, short memories with families and members on that day. I only have two birthdays in my entire life to be a full-time missionary serving God, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve Him on this day just as I can on every other day. The members were also very kind and surprised me in many ways to make that day special. I want to thank you all also one more time for the kind comments you sent me in the email last week. I really appreciated your words and I love you so much!!
Lukas came to church yesterday, along with all of the children in the Piacentini family. The work this week matched up to last week’s and we were able to meet with our progressing investigators and teach daily. As for highlights this week, I want to focus on Lukas. We’ve been teaching him about the plan of salvation recently and talking a lot about what happens after this life on the earth. In the last lesson we had, I really felt and can bear testimony now to the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. During the lesson, I could feel the Spirit guiding us to scriptures and things that we should testify about, but my recognition for the blessings that God provided us through this gift giving to us as missionaries was that much greater as we finished this appointment and Lukas offerred the closing prayer. It is absolutely AMAZING being a part of this work, in which the Holy Ghost leads us and gives our testimonies power and reality. I love the feeling that comes knowing that we are supported and guided in every step of the way. I love knowing and seeing first hand how our Heavenly Father works with each of His children. He loves us so much and cares.
Keep being great! I love you!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Janis

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