Schon Wieder? Wie viele Wochen ist das jetzt?

Grüß Euch immer wieder!!

Zum so etwa hunderten Mal 🙂 Alright, I’ve really got to pump this letter out this week, as my time is already running short. Sorry!
Here’s an update on investigators and events this week:
Lukas is doing great. Unfortunately, he’ll be in Croatia on Easter vacation until next Saturday. It’s ok though, because we were able to teach him the Word of Wisdom this last week, which he also accepted without hesitation. He’s been really busy with school, which meant that we were only able to meet one time this last week. Now we’ll probably talk about tithing next Saturday and he’ll be ready to go.
We had interviews with President and Sister Miles this last week and I had the opportunity to share the success and progress of Lukas and they got REALLY excited. They met him awhile ago and loved him from the get-go. They want me to tell them the time of his baptism for 3.5.14 so that they can hopefully be there also. How cool would that be?!
We began meeting with a lady named Frau Sussitz this week. We met her on the street and she expressed a few problems that she was currently having in life. Later that night, we rushed over to the church between appointments, and printed out a talk from General Conference to give her. At our appointment, she showed up, having really disected the talk. She said she felt strengthened from it and our first lesson was accompanied by the peaceful feeling of the Holy Ghost. This was so important for her and the challenges she is facing, and I’m grateful she recognized his presence.
Another new investigator is Frau Fauland. She’s the cutest, old, sweetest, austrian grandma in the world! Haha she’s so funny and very interested in learning more about the plan of Salvation.
Ok, times up. I love you all so much! Thank you for the love and support each week; it really means a lot to me 🙂 I’ve still got 3 wonderful weeks to help others and be the hands of the Lord as His full-time missionary!! What an awesome opportunity, gäl?
I hob eich gonz liab,
Elder Janis

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