Hoch auf des Berges Höhn

Griess Eich!

This was a great week. Although most of our investigators were away on Easter vacation and have now come back this weekend, I really enjoyed the extra time we had for finding more new investigators and doing missionary work in a very essential and satisfying way by talking with everyone. Of course, it’s definitely the goal to be teaching and teaching, but it’s always fun and thrilling to share the gospel on the street, in buses, and on trains because you can then really feel a power, support and guidance from the Spirit when doing so. Conclusion: there’s no such thing as unenjoyable missionary work! 🙂
Good news though is that things will be able to get back to normal this week as each of our investigators is becoming available again. Lukas came back from a week long trip in Croatia late on Saturday and we were able to see him in church on Sunday. His baptism should be in less than 2 weeks now and we’re excited to help him with the final preparations. We wanted to make sure that he becomes even more integrated into the ward and has some good friends here, so we organized a hiking trip into the mountains just south of Klagenfurt for this Friday. Hopefully the weather holds out!! Things will be busy these next 2 weeks to help him prepare but he’s right on track and I could really only say positive about his testimony and efforts to follow Jesus Christ. It’s such a blessing for me that I have the opportunity to work, teach, learn from, and meet with him at the end of my mission. He’s great!
Speaking of hiking… this last P-day, the four of us in Klagenfurt went hiking in the mountains near Villach. I uploaded the pictures to dropbox. It was beautiful and a lot of fun!! The members wanted to spoil us as they knew how much I love mountains and hiking. It was really kind of them, and we’re planning on printing off a picture from our hike, writing a nice note with it, and baking them something as a thank you for their efforts to getting us to the base of the mountain and then picking us back up again.
Frau Fauland continues to progress, although she is having a lot of back problems because of a fall she had many months ago. The more we share from the plan of salvation, the more interested and excited she is to learning more. I have a lot of hope for her! There’s so much I wish I could share during our short visits that I know will bless her life and strengthen her testimony in God.
On Friday and Saturday, we had the opportunity to do a Supertausch (“Super Exchange”) with the Zone Leaders in Salzburg. Because it takes 3 hours to get from Salzburg to Klagenfurt winding your way slowly through the Alps, the distance would be too far and the time too long for us to meet in the middle somewhere or work in one another’s respective areas. Therefore, each transfer the Zone Leaders would typically do what we call a “Super Exchange” and come down to Klagenfurt, and we would then have 4 Elders working in our area. This transfer, they wanted us to come down to Salzburg so we had the opportunity to work in their area this last weekend. It was a lot of fun and I loved working with Elder Stilger. He’s from Switzerland. During german study, I read from “Gospel Principles” and had him correct my pronunciation problems, and then in the evening we had a solid lesson with one of their investigators, which led to us committing him to being baptized at then of May!! It was a great Austausch!
It’s going to be another wonderful week! Take care!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Janis
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