Berge und vorbereitende Schritte

Liebe Familie!

There’s a lot to write about this week. First off, alles Gute zum Geburtstag diese Woche, Craig!! I’m super excited to see you and talk to you again! I hope you enjoy your birthday on your cruise 🙂
We went hiking again this week 🙂 This time the purpose was much different though. About a month ago, we thought it would really be helpful for Lukas to become better integrated into the ward if he had the opportunity to do things outside of church with the members, other than lessons. Well, this week he and we were invited to the stake patriarch’s house and celebrated easter together like real Kärntner! It was a great opportunity for him to build friendships with the bishop, his family, the patriarch, and his family too! Then, on Friday, we went hiking just 30 minutes south of Klagenfurt and I uploaded the pictures to dropbox for you to see. Maybe you’ll recognize Lukas in the pictures. He’s the one wearing the hat in the picture where we all are standing together for a group shot. It was really pretty, and he and Brother Mauch (standing next to him in this same picture) got to know eachother better. Definitely another great success that’s helped him with his decision.
Because there’s so much that we’ve be preparing for recently with Lukas, I’m mostly going to focus on him again. His baptism will be next Saturday on 3.5.14 at 12:00, and it was announced during church today. He was way excited and congratulated by all the members after the sacrament meeting for his decision and conviction. After the meeting was over, I also helped him put the baptismal program together and he personally asked a few of the members if they would be willing to take part in the program. Lukas asked Brother Daniliants to be the baptist and as Brother Daniliants humbly accepted, we three felt the Spirit touch our hearts. Lukas began crying from the emotions and happiness within himself, and it was a very special experience. This is only the second time I’ve seen him cry from the overwhelming influence he feels from the Holy Ghost and I’m so grateful for the testimony and strength that these moments will hopefully provide him in hard times.
We met with another really cool young investigator this week! He’s cool. Super cool. He runs and looks a lot like a famous runner I watched youtube videos of before I began my mission, who would go out for 50 mile runs. He has a Freitag side-bag like me, which was just a benefit, and he is prepared to learn and find the truth!! We came in for the first appointment a day later after meeting him on the street the day before. We had given him a pamphlet on the street and when we walked in he explained that he had read it and was excited to learn more about it all from us. His name is Daniel.
So much is happening and improving, and I feel such a joy from these blessings and tender mercies. I’m priveleged to learn and meet with these great investigators and friends each day, and I love it! This week will definitely be crazy. I’m writing this on Sunday evening, because tomorrow morning, we’ll teach Lukas at 8:30 and then immediately get on a train heading to Wien at 9:30. There’s a mission tour going on in Wien this Tuesday, so we were told to come in the night before. We’ll get back Tuesday late in the evening. WednesdayFriday will be our days to prepare for the baptism by having Lukas’ interview and figuring out all of the logistics. And Saturday, we’ll celebrate with him together on his special day! It’s going to be a great week!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Janis

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