All Good Things Come to an End

Grüß Euch!

Just typing the subject or headline of this email brings shivers through my body. I really am so grateful for these last two years. It’s incredible what I’ve been blessed to witness, learn, and experience, and it humbly excites me knowing and seeing the changes and improvements that the Lord has slowly, consistently and sometimes painfully worked in me. As my mission has come to an end and many people ask me what I’ve learned from it or what I will take from it, I’ve felt that the emotions and expanse of experiences and changes gained are MUCH too hard to put in words or summarize into short conversations… so I’ll just stick to the simple truth that this short time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has literally saved my life and brought me more inner peace and joy than I had imagined. As I mentioned above, all good things come to an end though and my feelings of leaving and losing this sacred privilege behind of being the Lord’s missionary brings tears. I love and cherish this opportunity. Of course, I know the Lord wants me to move on soon and serve him in other ways. Naja, I’m sure there are also many good things to begin. I’m not really sure what to expect.
This last week was incredible. There were some many twists and turns, but everything worked out through Heavenly Father’s will and blessing. Lukas was baptized on 3.5.14 and was confirmed yesterday in church. The members are all super excited to welcome him, support him, and watch him grow to his potential. Everyone is simply thrilled from the light that he carries in his eyes and by the conviction that he lives. I’m really excited for you to meet him, Mom and Dad!! At a dinner appointment last night that he was also invited to, we began talking about the Priesthood and going on a mission, and it’s clear that he has real intent and desire to accomplish and serve. I’m so thankful for our friendship and having learned from and with him these last 3 months.
While I was in Singen, Elder Chapman and I had found a lady on the street named Maria. She had set a baptismal date and was thrilled to be working toward being baptized the last week that I was in Singen before getting transferred to Klagenfurt. Elder Chapman and I were almost certain that she was going to make it and were excited for her. About 2 weeks before her baptism, all connection with her just kind of dropped. She had been convinced by her family to stop meeting with us and coming to church. It was pretty devastating at the time. Well, the great news is that she was also baptized this last Saturday!! It’s going to be great seeing her once again when we go to church on Mother’s Day in Singen and I’m thankful for the efforts, worthiness and love that Elder Bartholomew and his companion put into helping her back to this point 🙂 What a cool miracle and tender mercy to have experienced.
Well, it’s probably not really interesting for you if I tried explaining progress with all of our investigators at this time, seeing as there won’t be a follow up ever again. The work is at its all-time-high right now since I came to Klagenfurt and it makes me happy to be able to pass it off into the hands of other missionaries, so that they can feel this same joy. I love these people and this country.
I’m anxious to see you on Friday and I love you so much!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Janis
Bild 020

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